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A gorgeous winter’s sunrise

Simon Jordan – One Planet One Place
On The Farm
December 20, 2016
Autumn sun on grass
December 22, 2016
"The best camera, is the one you have with you".
I always have my iPhone on me and most of the time use that to capture the pics but today, I decided that I needed to take my 'grown up' camera, my Nikon.
The weather report said it was going to be clear and the sun hadn't properly risen and I had to head into town to grab some food so I jumped in the car and decided to take the back route for a change. I saw so many beautiful shots on my way but no place to pull over safely.
I've taken a shot close to this before but the sunrise this morning was just wonderful. I love winter time for photography because the air is so clear and crisp with zero heat haze to blur the view. I love how the road flows in from the left leading the eye across to the highlights on the bush and then across the field to the sun.
I saw this field with a low mist drifting across it. I was desperate to pull over but couldn't find a space then a small layby appeared and I through the car in and jumped out knowing that with any sunrise the light changes every minute.
Like the pic above I love how the fence leads the eye down to the sun, with the subtle silhouettes of the plants.
I'd taken one of my dogs on the drive leaving the other two at home so I could have some one on one time with my rescue Collie; Amber who I think has felt a little left out since the new pup; Poppy has arrived.
Amber loves the beach and the ability to run flat out and swim in the water.
Pwllheli beach is a long strip of beach of more than a mile I think and today with the sunrise getting higher I just had to capture this. I love the white foam from the wave which gives a lovely effect to the foot of the pic.
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Simon Jordan
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