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Simon JordanSimon Jordan, Founder

Simon has always been one to think differently and to not live a conformist life.
From a difficult abusive childhood to being on drink and drugs, weighing 322lbs (23 stone) and wanting to end it all at the age of 28 he decided enough was enough and made the decision to turn his life around.
Within 18 months he had got himself clean and finished the London Marathon in 3hrs 45 minutes and now weighing 182 lbs (13 stone). He felt fantastic and empowered to make more changes to his world.

Simon JordanFascinated on how he had made the mental and physical shift to turn his life around he wanted to know more. He then went on the hunt for more knowledge.

He trained to become a coach and read all the books he could on the subject of coaching, mindset and empowerment.

He walked on fire, jumped out of airplanes, raced motorbikes and lived life to the full in the search for new goals and experiences.

Then in 2001 his world changed with the birth of his boy Kashi.

Then 2 years later his baby girl Maili was born and he had the pleasure of delivering her (because the midwife was 45 minutes late). He says ‘one of the most amazing and love filled experiences ever’


Life still wasn’t plain sailing – he then went through a heartbreaking divorce and bankruptcy.

At this time Simon landed a well paid consultancy job with Sky TV but, after 6 months he felt like a tiny cog in a huge machine.

Simon wanted to make a difference and make a change.

From his earlier experiences he knew too well that the only person to make that change was himself.
So in 2008 he decided to leave his well-paid job and start up on his own, where he could share his business building and marketing knowledge with small business owners. His friend’s thought he was crazy but he went on regardless. 1 year in and running his new business venture he decided he wanted to take his message of helping business owners global.

In April 2009 he setup SimonJordan.TV – his online marketing TV channel.

Simon JordanWithin 7 months he had been asked to speak in America and had picked up clients from around the globe. In the same year he had also made the decision to setup his own online radio show where he interviewed business people from around the globe on their success stories.

Simon JordanSimon had also written his best selling book How to Sky Rocket Your Business (without burning your fingers) which continues to sell well around the globe via Amazon.
Both of his shows had grown critical acclaim from all areas of the business world.
But as the shows went on and the audience grew, Simon was starting to explore the deeper side of his radio show guests. He was interested in what made them tick, what spurred them on when the dark times struck. Simon wanted to know the ‘real’ person behind the fame and success.
The more he explored, the more the inspiring stories came forth.

Then in early 2012 Simon came up with the idea of a brand new show. A show to be the conduit to share these inspiring and moving stories to the world.

Then one day after having a thought provoking conversation with American entrepreneur, speaker and author David Carpenter where they discussed the business plan for a new show, Simon went to bed that night feeling confused and wanting to know if the new show idea was really going to work.

He decided to pray for help.

He asked to be shown a sign that what he was doing was right.
The following morning whilst working with a client over Skype, his client asked if he believed in Angel cards. Simon said he didn’t know much about them. His client then went on to tell him that she had been told by spirit to choose two cards for him and share these with him. To which she promptly did. The two cards where Bravery and Healing. The bravery card said – Have faith and belief and the doors for your career will be blown wide open.

Simon was shocked and also very moved that his prayers had been answered.

And then…

As Simon continued to speak with his client, another client sent a message via Skype. A client he wasn’t due to speak to that week. The message said “Hi Simon, hope you’re well. Just wanted share this with you. I looked up your name and in Hebrew it means to listen and to speak” Simon now totally aghast at this point was under no illusion that the new show was indeed his calling.
In August 2012 Simon set about working on a new website that would be the platform for a brand new show where he could use radio and TV interviews to share his guests stories and also create a daily show for him to share his thoughts and ideas with the world.

On September 10th 2012 the new site and show went live.

Within 1 month from launch the site had seen over 22,500 visitors and a social media reach of over 15 million people.
When interviewed recently Simon explained, “the show is about real people with real stories and experiences that we can all learn from. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s my privileged position to be able to share these with our listeners and viewers. Stories that will change the way you think, make you laugh and also bring a tear to your eye”

All change

After 9 months and 193 shows Simon took a break and put the site on hold in order to revaluate the progress and direction of One Planet One Place.

Simon decided to carry on the brand awareness via Facebook whilst her was working behind the scenes to work out the future of the business.

In 6 months the One Planet One Place Facebook page had grown to a huge scale and was getting around 20,000 new likes per month and at one stage a global reach of 7.9 million people.

In November 2014 the new improved site relaunched. This time with three distinct areas.

To inspire – this sections covers the inspiring interviews, images, recommended reading, 30 seconds of peace and Simon’s project The 52 Weeks of Greatness with 52 inspiring interviews on 52 subjects such as peace, love, forgiveness etc.

To good health – with our health editor April Chandler we share information on how to improve our health and also how we can improve the health of our planet.

To engage – this is where we have our community and where we can share our ideas and passions on what we are doing to make a difference on this planet.

We are always looking for contributors, so if you like to be part of the One Planet One Place Team, drop us a line on the contact page and tell us how you would like to get involved. Click here to contact us

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