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Breathtaking views on Nantlle Ridge

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October 17, 2016
November 7, 2016
Every weekend I climb with my brother Chris and yesterday it was on the Nantlle Ridge in North Wales.
The Nantlle Ridge is the name given to a small range of mountains in Snowdonia, north Wales which runs south-west from the village of Rhyd Ddu for a distance of about 9 km (6 mi), ending above Nebo in the Nantlle Valley.

We had decided to park the car at Rhyd Ddu and my brother's car in Nebo where we would finish the climb.
This climb started very damp with the ground boggy and with a low cloud base.

Moving like a huge prowling creature crawling up the face of the ridge

We left the road and headed through the gate, onto the path leading us up towards the climb. Stopping a few times to catch our breath and to admire the views and the occasional drink of water. Carrying on up the mountain with the clouds shifting in and out from around us. We reached the top of the first part of the climb and checking the map and compass to make sure we were heading in the direction towards Nebo, we found a wall which runs just back from a sheer drop of about 1,500ft down into the valley and lakes below. We followed the wall and as the ground started to rise up again the clouds started to clear revealing the summit actual and the ridge.

Gorgeous landscape of sharp rocks and soft valleys below and then as soon as the clouds cleared they had come back in again. Moving like a huge prowling creature crawling up the face of the ridge and spilling over the top. Shifting, expanding and dissipating as quickly.

We decided to stop for a bit of lunch from our packs and as Chris sat eating, I noticed the clouds started to drop away again leaving little peaks emerging from the mist amongst them. It felt like we were in a sea of white and the peaks were little islands in the distance. We couldn't stop smiling. All the effort of the climb up here we were being rewarded with a truly breathtaking view. 

See the pics and the video below.
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Simon Jordan
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