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Life, photography and perspective

Mindfulness, One Planet One Place
Time and peace for you
January 16, 2017
Simon Jordan – One Planet One Place
I looked up from my phone today…
January 21, 2017
Life, photography and perspective
In this episode of the One Planet One Place podcast I'm talking about perspective and how the skills as a photographer also apply to life.
This is the image I talk about on the podcast. Shot on Porth Colman beach, North Wales
From one angle it looked boring, but as I walked around the rock it the image came alive.

This is the rock I talk about on the podcast.
From afar it didn't look like much but up close it looked amazing.

I recorded this video just after I recorded the podcast.
You can see what I mean about perspective as I walk along the top of the beach.
Instead of looking at the barren winter land, I stopped and focused on the amazing details on the grass at my feet.


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Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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