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Hope & Love

Light A Fire Poem
Light a fire
March 11, 2017
One Planet One Place
Panic attack 3,000ft up on a knife edge ridge
April 9, 2017
In this podcast I'm talking about two very powerful topics.

They are such beautiful words that to me mean so much.

To HOPE for me means to never give up. Be it on life, romance, business, family or whatever you hold close to your heart.

To LOVE applies to so many aspects of our lives.

When I'm feeling at a low point I tune in to things that inspire me, mother nature, a book, a photograph or an inspirational message.

I'm always searching and you should too.
Searching to be inspired, searching to feel more in love, searching to be more connected.
I now always carry a notebook with me so when I am inspired I can make a note.

I prefer to watch films instead of TV and there is always some kind of a message that I pull from them which inspires me, so I quickly get out my notepad and make a note to use later on either my photography, poetry or posts

Listen in as I walk around the garden and discuss these topics and you can also hear the beautiful bird song in the background which I always LOVE.


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With love and gratitude as always x

Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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Light A Fire Poem
Light a fire

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