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Panic attack 3,000ft up on a knife edge ridge

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April 1, 2017
Elidir Fawr, One Planet One Place
Taking a tech detox, being outside in mother nature and a breathless climb up Elidir Fawr
April 22, 2017
Panic attack 3,000ft up on a knife edge ridge
In this podcast I'm on a ridge over 3,000ft up and having a panic attack.
I share with you how I managed to pull myself together and using a skill I learnt whilst spending time alone and being present.

My brother and I were climbing the Snowdon horseshoe which is shown below.

Our climb started at 6:45 just as the sun was raising her head above the east mountains of Snowdonia.

We had got up onto the ridge and the views were incredible. The mists were rolling over the edge and it was spectacular. (see the pictures below)

I was edging along the ridge as I have done about 6 times before, I placed my hands down either side of me on the rock face and then with my backpack on so I was a bit top heavy I leaned forward and stared straight down over a thousand foot sheer drop and then panic struck. My mindset had got the better of me and I was in full on panic mode.

Listen to the podcast to find out what happened and how I overcame it.


Video of the Horeshoe


The video I mention on the podcast of the grass. Such simplistic beauty


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With love and gratitude as always x

Simon Jordan
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