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Are you in Love & in Flow?

One Planet One Place
I love it when it rains
June 22, 2017
One Planet One Place
I know what I really want for Christmas
June 25, 2017
Are you in Love & Flow

I was lucky to be interviewed recently by Pete Cohen for his excellent podcast and YouTube channel.
Pete asked me what I was passionate about right now, and my answer was 'LOVE'.
I went on to explain that I am passionate about being in LOVE with life, my path, my projects, my relationships, my very being and where I'm heading.
The questions he asked hadn't been planned so I had no time to prepare and it may sound funny but before any interview I take a moment and get connected in order to be in a place of authenticity rather than being in ego and thinking 'oh I'm going to get talked about, or a chance to 'show off' kind of thing. So this podcast is all about LOVE and why being in FLOW means amazing things happen.

I recently went on a run and down into a forest and towards a little wooden bridge. Now on one side of the bridge the water is flowing so beautifully, fast and free flowing with nothing in the way, and yet on the other side of the bridge there are boulders and rocks jutting out of the water. The river has gone from smooth flowing to violent bubbling, spitting and frothing with some of the water is being sprayed out on to the grass and to the bridge above too.
This beautiful fluid movement of the river that was flowing so effortlessly, was now a very different thing altogether.
This made me think about life and how we put so much in our own way and get out of flow. We become disconnected and this can cause stress, anger, confusion and general mess in our life.

When we are in FLOW and also in LOVE with where we are and who we are, it gives us resilience to deal with life's challenges and also attracts amazing things into our existence too. We are able to love everyone but also not take crap from anyone too.
Being in Love with yourself gives you strength. Gives you grounding that you look out for yourself and also know that you have the confidence so say no to people or to not let others misuse you or to attract negative aspects into your life.
Being in LOVE with yourself isn't narcissistic, it's about caring for yourself, how you speak to yourself. What you will allow into your life and what you want to stay. It is CONFIDENCE but also TRUST and FAITH.

So are you in LOVE and in FLOW?
Are you putting blocks in your way?
Listen to the podcast to learn more.


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With love and gratitude x

Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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