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Getting happy from within

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July 1, 2017
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July 30, 2017
Getting happy from within

Most people when asked what they really want the answer is 'to be happy'.
Some believe this comes from earning lots of money, others a new car, home or outfit. For some maybe a relationship or something else.
To really get happy comes from within, and this is something a lot of us (me included in the past) forget.

We drink to get happy, we eat to get happy, we have sex to get happy, we rely on others to make us happy, we believe when 'this' happens then, we will be happy. We wait for outside influences to change before we then get happy.
I think back to how much time and stress I've had to endure because this had been my mindset. I was expecting outside influences to make me happy, when all along it was me that had the choice to make 'me' happy.

You see happiness comes from within. I actually believe happiness is fleeting, whereas joy is from the soul. Joy is from deep down and it gives you those goosebumps when you feel it. And the great news is, we can make this all happen by ourselves. We simply need to tune out all the external noise and look within.


For me, when I'm not feeling great, I tune in to what I have gratitude for. I sometimes break it down to the smallest of things. The fact that I have breath in my lungs, whereas some people have to be on oxygen machines to breathe.
I remember running one time and my legs were hurting and I started to feel angry because I wanted to really push myself further, and then I thought there are people on this planet who would love to have legs that hurt because they don't have any at all.

I love the quote "I was cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet"

It's ok not to be happy too
Now we can't be happy all the time. That would be almost impossible. What I'm talking about is if we are struggling to be happy most of the time, these are some of the ways to take yourself out of the funk and get happy. It's also fine to feel crap and low. We all deserve a pity party every now and then but, if the mood doesn't serve you, then what I'm saying is we have the choice and power to change our mood.

One thing that has made a huge difference in my life is that I have cut out the media. I've stopped listening to the news on the radio when it comes on. I don't watch the news on TV or read any papers either. I do this because I believe they only push out bad news and hearing that someone has been murdered doesn't help me to be happy.
If we are letting all this negative media into our heads then, we are not giving our happiness much of a chance to shine through are we.

The world can be a hard place, but me being low by listening to all the bad news doesn't do me any good or those around me.
I choose happiness as much as I possibly can and the amazing things that have come about since I made that choice have been incredible.
My work, life and relationships have blossomed beyond anything I ever thought possible.

So think about what makes you happy. What do you have gratitude for?
Try and cut out the negative aspects of your life like the media. I mean do you really need to know about the murders and horrible aspects of this planet?

I promise you, when you choose happiness as the main choice of emotion, life shines brighter.
and when you start to feel that shine, keep it shining as bright as you possibly can.
Who are the people in your life you love being around, the happy ones or the miserable ones?

Remember, you have the power and the choice. It's your life so which would you rather be, happy or unhappy?
This is a wonderful documentary about Happiness which we should all see. Check out the trailer below.
The full film is available on Netflix and other online services.

Here's the link to my previous audio about being Mindful that I mention on the podcast.
It's a meditation and know you'll love it.
Click here
Thank you for listening / reading

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With love and gratitude x

Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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