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Acceptance and Letting Go

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July 10, 2017
One Planet One Place
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August 7, 2017
Acceptance and Letting Go

It’s been a very busy time for me recently, to be honest it’s always a busy time and I’ve always got something on the go. I’m not one to sit around for too long. You see my problem is I tend to get a bit obsessed with any particular project I’m currently working on and with that obsession comes a childlike excitement. An excitement that as soon as the sun raises her head above the horizon and the light starts to glow through my curtains I’m awake and up and cracking on with something.
Last week I was in London seeing clients and managed to get an early morning run around Buckingham Palace and central London which was just fabulous. Whilst on the run I had called a client and also managed to pick up some litter for the #5ThingsClear too. Talk about multi-tasking.

When I got back home I was still full on with various projects and also the rapid expansion of the #5ThingsClear initiative which has gone global but I was starting to get worn down.
I wasn’t feeling great and I finally decided to take myself off to the doctors which is not really like me. He told me I’d picked up a sinus infection and I was to slow down and stop training. Now this was a struggle for me. I’d just signed up for a triathlon, and had a fell race coming up, but I knew deep down that I had to stop, otherwise I wasn’t going to get my energy back and would end up doing more damage to myself. I had to accept that the universe was giving me a gentle knock and if I wasn’t going to listen to that gentle knock it would very quickly become a loud bang as I’ve seen it before.
The universe does that, it will always send you signs but sometimes we are so busy being busy we don’t listen. A little sinus infection isn’t much, but 7 years ago had a major operation for an aneurism which could have been life threatening. What have you had that’s made you stop and take notice?

I see life as an adventure and with every adventure comes the ups and downs. Like climbing a mountain, you get the intense heart pounding seat of the pants moments and then you get the breath taking moments when you come to a place where you can stand and take in the views and then there are other times when the weather closes in and you need to stop and make a decision to either carry on, stop or go back down, but sometimes we carry on without listening or making a proper judgement call and end up in problems. Just like life, we either stop and listen or we carry on regardless and get ourselves into trouble.

So here I was, confined to rest and getting fidgety. I could see my friends training and prepping for the imminent fell race but I had to stay put and just rest. Deep breathes and take time out.
It was and is a hard lesson for me to learn but a lesson I had to learn nonetheless.
During my rest I would start to feel a little better and think ‘oh maybe I could go for a little run’ to then suddenly feel wiped out and again another little message from the universe saying a big no.
Then yesterday I was marshalling at a 75 mile ultra marathon event around where I live, to see these guys coming in and then heading back out again was inspiring and I’m planning on doing it next year but it was also another reminder that I needed to keep resting in order to come back fighting.

One of the things about training for any event is making sure you get quality sleep and this is something I wasn’t getting and along with all the training was the catalyst for my infection.

I’ve got big plans for the future and I now know that it’s a must that I listen more carefully and get proper rest if I am to succeed.

So what are you not listening too?
Is the universe sending you little messages and signs and you aren’t taking notice.

If we don’t listen we can end up in trouble. We have to take time out, take stock of what is going on and sometimes that means letting go too. I do believe the universe is always looking out for you, it’s just us that get in our own way.

Thank you for listening / reading

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With love and gratitude x

Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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