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Climbing up Sinister Gully

One Planet One Place
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November 14, 2016
Simon Jordan – One Planet One Place
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December 20, 2016
In this podcast I’m climbing up Bristly Ridge via Sinister Gully in Snowdonia, North Wales. A misty and very windy climb. We left the car park at the Ogwen Valley cafe and heading upwards across the marshy path towards the base of the gully.

The climb up the gully was a bit buttock clenching at times and I needed to take off my gloves to grip the rocks but within seconds my hands were numb. I just had to keep putting my gloves back on until my hands warmed up and then take off the gloves and carry on. Next time I'll be better prepared with better more grippy gloves.
Listen to the podcast as I climb the rather scary Sinister Gully and carry on to explore the surroundings

At the summit, the atmosphere was very eerie because of the cloud and mist and when we talked it sounded like we were in a small room.
As you will see on the pictures below the top known as Bristly RIdge certainly lives up to its name with incredibly jagged rocks in large clumps over 20-30 ft high.
As we walked on over the summit and started to ascend, the clouds cleared and the views were gorgeous. We are very lucky on most climbs to get a clear sky and great views.
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With love and gratitude x

Simon Jordan
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