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Bob Burg

Bob Burg
The Go-Giver

The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman. The Five somewhatcounter-intuitive Laws Joe learns from this kind and caring man will make a huge difference in both his personal and professional success.


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The Book Of Light -David Matthew Brown

David Matthew Brown
The Book Of Light – The Heart Opening

David Matthew Brown devotes his time to sharing a fresh and unique message of transcendence, unity, and spiritual healing. Alongside his message, David’s skill and experience as a speaker, facilitator, and Practitioner of the Presence are eagerly and increasingly sought after by audiences across the world.

David’s uniquely positive spiritual perspectives are especially vibrant in his work as an author, a teacher, and a counselor (trained at the AGAPE International Spiritual Center).

Formerly the host of INSIDE OUT, David was blessed with the opportunity to speak with a litany of guests, including Swami Kriyananda, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Cynthia James, and Matthew Fox to name a few. David also had the honor of hosting and reporting at Dr. Jane Goodall’s DAY OF PEACE, where he interviewed top celebrities on peace, including Pierce Brosnan, Soleil Moon Frye, Marilu Henner, and Rose Byrne.


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The Act of Attraction – Tamsen Garrie
Tamsen Garrie – The Act Of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why some people appear to create success in their business with ease whilst others appear destined to struggle?

The answer lies in:  THE ACT OF ATTRACTION

Attraction is already working for you whether you’re aware of it or not.  You are already attracting the people, circumstances and outcomes in your business through your activity, be it your INTERNAL activity (your desires, beliefs thoughts & feelings), or your EXTERNAL activity (your language, behaviour & actions).  The question is:

Are you attracting the things you want?

THE ACT OF ATTRACTION is a holistic and practical approach to creating the business you want and the book THE ACT OF ATTRACTION IN BUSINESS serves to explain clearly and logically how to combine practical business tactics, with a deeper understanding of how our minds work to achieve the success we want.

It explores the 4 elements that make up our activity: VISION> MINDSET> BEHAVIOUR> PLAN and it shows us how aligning those four elements so that they work together, creates the TRACTION we need to move our business forward.

Tamsen Says:  “Learning and consciously applying THE ACT OF ATTRACTION in your business will enable you to deliberately attract the things you want, and build the business you truly desire, because when you align what’s going on in your head with what you are actually doing – that’s when you create extraordinary results!”

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Aries Fire – Elaine Edelson

Elaine Edelson – Aries Fire.

The Roman Empire. 415 AD. Renowned scholar Hypatia of Alexandria is brutally murdered. Why? And by whom?

Hypatia’s death leaves her 17 year old bastard daughter, Seira, fleeing for her life…herself a target for extermination. Alone and homeless, Seira is thrust into a life of struggle and survival amidst the rise of the Catholic Papacy and the savage Roman battles with the Huns.

So begins Aries Fire, an epic historical fiction spanning three continents and two decades during the surgent Roman Christian campaign to swallow the Eastern and Western European territories.


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Stepping into Greatness - Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez – Stepping Into Greatness: Success is up to you.

Are you ready to make your life a success? Let author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Daniel Gutierrez guide you to the greatness you’ve always dreamed of.

Accepting your greatness means taking a good look at yourself. Most of my life I ran from who I was, and wanted to be something I wasn’t. I wanted to be taller, faster, better looking, whiter – everything but me. Over time, however, this is what I’ve learned: accepting your greatness means to transform your way of thinking.

Stepping into Greatness is about understanding that you are created in the image of greatness, and that is enough. It is about looking deep inside at the hurt and the pain and realizing that a lot of the things we assume about ourselves just aren’t true. I wasn’t a failure, although I had failed many times.


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A Passage To India - Vinay ParmarVinay Parmar’s inspiring and moving book – A Passage to India

Vinay was enjoying an exciting corporate career in Financial Services with all the ‘traditional medals’ of success. In 2000 he was looking forward to marrying his soul mate on the biggest day of his life…only he didn’t realise just how ‘big’ this day would turn out to be and how it would change his life forever.

In a twist of fate, Vinay tragically lost his Mom on his wedding day to a lethal strain of meningitis, she was just 49 years old. It was the first in a series of curveballs that life threw his way but also the catalyst for the path he travels today.

As a sought after keynote speaker, coach and consultant Vinay uses his personal powerful story of dealing with change and uncertainty to help people to overcome challenges, obstacles and times adversity so that they can move forward in life, business and their professional career.


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Peace Angels – Antionette SampsonAntoinette Sampson’s Wonderful Book – Peace Angels

This book has consistently moved me to tears every time I have picked it up.
It’s a photography book with a very powerful message.


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Fix Your Life with NLP – Alicia EatonAlicia Eaton’s Fix Your Life with NLP.

Whether you want to lose weight, change bad habits, rid yourself of fears and phobias
or simply get stacks more confidence, this book has something for you.
An ideal introduction to the world of NLP – Alicia Eaton cuts through the technical jargon
and explains how the techniques and strategies used by the world’s most successful people,
can easily be incorporated into your daily life.

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Fiona Fay’s Who Is God? You Are.

Fiona FayI had the great pleasure in interviewing Fiona.

This book changed my life and I know it will do the same for you.

“Words haven’t been created for what I want to say about Fiona. They say that ‘when
the student is ready the teacher will appear’. I would change that to ‘the angel will appear’.
Fiona is that angel and has been instrumental in helping me create my dream and guiding me
to where I am meant to be. She is one in a trillion and if you are lucky enough to be coached by her
you are blessed. There are millions of coaches out there but there is only one Fiona Fay”

Simon Jordan Founder

“Fiona Fay should be in every house across the planet. Throw out the TV and replace it with her teachings. Fiona is amazing to work with.
Getting coached by Fiona, I had results within 5 minutes, found my true calling in life. Within 1 week I had stepped into my passion and hidden talents and within 3 months was where I was always supposed to be. Had I not had the opportunity to receive guidance from Fiona, I don’t even want to think about it. I would recommend her gifts to everybody in the entire world.”

Seamus Clarke Actor

Who is God You Are – Fiona Fay


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Hope you enjoy the reads as much as I did.

With gratitude


Simon Jordan


Simon Jordan

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