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Sunsets, sunrises and kingdoms in the sky

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That knocking sound
January 27, 2017
One Planet One Place
5 Questions to take back control and get happy
February 4, 2017
Sunsets, sunrises and kingdoms in the sky
I've walked on the beach with the 3 dogs pretty much every day this week and seen some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and also the beauty in the greyness and the windblown skies.
Hope you enjoy the photos from my walks this week as much as I did taking them.
Walking down to the beach and finding this gorgeous view

Love the colours in the sky
Sunset on Aberdaron beach. Gorgeous but bitterly cold.
Another morning on Aberdaron beach but this time the clouds looked so powerful. Kingdoms in the sky.
I love the combination of the ruggedness of the rocks, the colour of the sea and the clouds.
I also love the faint light on the rock face.

A perfect moment, thanks Mother Nature.
Wanted to show the full panorama of the beach so you can get an idea of the scale.

I wonder what next week will bring

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