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We only have so many sunrises.

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Mindful meditation. This is your time to relax and unwind
May 20, 2017
One Planet One Place
The hidden treasures of Mother Nature
June 4, 2017

We only have so many sunrises

It’s 4:30am and I’m sitting on the summit of my local mountain Garn Fadryn, North Wales waiting for the sunrise.

I’d had a hard 10k race yesterday and Sunday is the day my brother and I normally climb but I thought I needed to rest my legs for today but as Chris left the farm I decided to head out with my girls Poppy and Amber and with camera gear we jumped in the car and headed off to the mountain.
I felt tired as I slowly hiked up the mountain but knew that at the top it would be worth it.

When we arrived at the summit the wind was blowing and it was cold so I decided to sit down just off the summit.
Poppy was racing around and chewing whatever she can find and Amber just sat patiently whilst I waited for the sun to show herself properly.

I took a panorama of the view and I love how my iPhone tells me to slow down if I’m moving the phone too quickly as it can’t capture all the view. I think this is a perfect action for our own lives. If we move too quickly through life we miss out on things such as conversations and the special moments.

"I think memories and experiences are what life is all about"

When we slow down we are able to notice the magic of life. We see the hidden jewels of mother nature, the wonder of friendships and conversations. We slow down and notice things more. We get back in touch with the moment. We can breathe again and be more mindful and I also know in these moments we start to see what we have and that leads to gratitude.
I mean the view this morning cost me nothing. But was truly priceless. I think memories and experiences are what life is all about. They are stories to be told and create more wonder in our lives.

So as I wait the sea mist starts to drift in and I begin to wonder if I will miss the sunrise as the mist is getting thicker and thicker, swirling in off the sea up and around the mountain. Making the scene resemble something I'd imagine from Wuthering Heights and expecting to see Heathcliff come over the hill.

Then as I am starting to contemplate my descent as the mist seems to really be blocking out the sunrise it then suddenly clears and the view becomes spectacular.

The 3am wake up become truly worth it as you can see from the pictures.

I feel totally blessed to be able to witness such magical moments like this sunrise.
As I said before when we slow down we really connect with the beauty of life. We discover true wonder and enrich our lives and those around us.

So this coming week what can you do to bring more magic into your life? Where can you go to witness something new or see the sunrise. Even getting up early and sitting at a window with a hot cup of coffee and seeing the sunrise is magical. Walking through a park before anyone else is around is also wonderful. Whatever it is and wherever it is, aim to really absorb the moment. Leave your phone in your pocket or better still leave it at home or worse case scenario put it on airplane mode so you don't get any messages pinging up to disturb you from your moment. As a photographer and podcaster I need to take my tech with me but when I'm there I always make sure I spend time in the moment and I end up smiling away because it feels so good.

Whatever you do and wherever you go I wish you a truly wonderful and magical moment.

My Facebook Live from the summit


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With love and gratitude as always x

Simon Jordan
Founder of One Planet One Place

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